All in Family Month

My father, Dean by Melissa Pulsinelli

"Waiting “patiently” at Memorial Sloan for my father to get out of surgery, we knew there were two outcomes that could happen: 1. Dr. Rusche was able to remove as much tar or lung as possible and we would have longer days to spend with him or 2. The cancer is too far along and poking into and around his lungs would do more harm than good which would essentially be a sit and wait game for his life." - Melissa Pulsinelli

Adoption by Sara Clark

"I don’t remember being told I was adopted because I feel as if I have always known. Because my adoptive family is white and I’m Korean, it would have been difficult to explain my existence without adoption becoming an active part of the dialogue."

My Mom is Super Woman by Malorie Burden

"A week or two went by and she had an appointment to get an MRI. Once they received the results, they called to tell me that my Mom had Stage 4 Lung & Brain Cancer. I stood on the streets of Brooklyn bawling my eyes out as strangers walked by. Nothing seemed like reality. I couldn't control the emotions that were coming out of me and after I managed to settle down, every inch of me was in pain from the crying."